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Montana program aims to educate former Medicaid recipients about options

Get Covered Again
Posted at 7:27 PM, May 21, 2024

HELENA — After more than 130,000 Montanans lost health coverage during the state’s Medicaid redetermination, a program is working to let them know about their options for getting back on insurance.

Cover Montana, a program of the Montana Primary Care Association, launched the “Get Covered Again” campaign last month.

“One in ten Montanans have lost coverage over the last year, and so we all know and love someone who has lost coverage,” said Cover Montana director Olivia Riutta. “So what Get Covered Again is trying to do is an all-hands-on-deck, no-wrong-door moment to identify folks who have lost coverage and get them connected with someone who can walk them through that reapplication process.”

Riutta said the program can help people reapply for Medicaid or Healthy Montana Kids coverage if they believe they’re still eligible, or walk them through their choices on the health insurance marketplace.

“Most Montanans qualify for financial help to enroll in a marketplace plan,” she said. “But folks have a lot of questions, and they usually want to sit down with somebody and get their questions answered.”

People who lost Medicaid coverage don’t have to wait until open enrollment to look for health insurance in the marketplace – there’s a special enrollment period for them through the end of November. People who think they’re still eligible for Medicaid can reapply at any time.

Riutta said Cover Montana isn’t only reaching out to Montanans directly, but also working to partner with organizations around the state.

“We want as many eyes and ears listening for folks who've lost coverage – whether that's in a food bank, whether somebody is receiving some kind of case management service –everywhere and anywhere folks are already accessing services and already have a trusted relationship, so that they can have a conversation in that moment at that organization to say, ‘Hey, you might have lost coverage over the last year, but did you know you have coverage options available and it's not too late to enroll?’” she said.

You can find more information, including links to local assistance in your area, on the Cover Montana website.