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Will Black voters still support President Biden in 2024?

This time around, Black voters aren't very happy with the president, and that could spell trouble for Democrats in November.
Will Black voters still support President Biden in 2024?
Posted at 3:16 PM, Feb 02, 2024

Four years ago, South Carolina voters catapulted then-candidate Joe Biden to the top of the Democratic field. Now, the Palmetto State is set to kick off the Democrats' 2024 primary calendar, but some of those same voters aren't especially happy with the president.

"I think what he needs to work on maybe, is just a real clear message on the economy. How we can stop some of these prices from going so high," said South Carolina voter Laverne Brown.

The president's standing among Black voters has slipped since 2020 — so Biden-aligned groups are trying to energize that key voting bloc, starting with South Carolina.

A Biden super PAC, Unite the Country, launched a new ad highlighting the Biden administration's wins, like capping insulin costs at $35 for seniors and reducing student debt.

He's also getting a hand from nonpartisan groups like Black Voters Matter, which has volunteers on the ground in South Carolina working to inform and energize Black voters. 

"Black voters in South Carolina are setting the tone and the tenor, I think, of this election cycle. But we also recognize that this is going to be a critical election and so ... we will be working throughout the nation all year to make sure that Black voters are engaged, they are informed," said LaTosha Brown, the co-founder of Black Voters Matter.

As the incumbent, President Biden is expected to easily win Saturday's Democratic primary — but he'll need the support of minority voters across the nation if he wants to win in November.

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