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Unsettled Weather Will Stick Around Awhile

Conditions Rebound by Friday
Posted at 4:28 PM, Apr 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-11 20:27:33-04

Temperatures are significantly colder than this time yesterday and that trend is likely to continue as we head into the work week. By Tuesday our high temperatures will only be in the mid 30s, with night-time lows right around 20 degrees. You'll definitely want to grab a jacket before heading out the door for work in the mornings.

Overnight we saw several snow bands move through the area, but unfortunately the water equivalent with that snow didn't add up to as much as we'd like to see. We'll have several other chances of measurable precipitation from now until Thursday. The good news is most the snow is melting on the pavement (with a few slushy areas). Grassy areas and trees are where we saw much of the accumulations at the lower elevations, which is exactly where we need it.

By Friday things will start to warm up into the 50s with lots of sunshine. Those conditions will continue into the weekend with temperatures climbing even further into the mid 60s, and yes, with more sunshine as well.

We'll continue to monitor forecast trends as we head into this week, but expect unsettled, breezy weather until at least Thursday.