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Transitioning to wildfire season

Grasses likely drying out quickly
Posted at 4:38 PM, Jul 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-12 18:41:57-04

Good afternoon everyone.

We are starting to transition into wildfire season.

The Treasure State is seeing windy conditions along with low relative humidity conditions.

The National Weather Service said:
"The combination of very low relative humidity - less than 15 percent in some areas - and these gusty winds will accelerate the ongoing drying of grasses and other fine wildfire fuels.
"Later in the season these conditions would be described as a critical fire weather situation, but we will describe it as elevated for today given the still relatively green grasses.
"Nonetheless, any uncontrolled fire will spread quickly in these conditions, and it is a reminder that we are promptly making the transition to wildfire season."

The National Weather Service continued to say that while larger fuels mostly remain fairly green, finer fuels like grasses are likely drying out quickly in these conditions.

We are expecting to stay dry for the most part this coming work week. The following week will also be a dry week.

The NWS asks for people to please consider avoiding any outdoor burning or other activities that could cause sparks and start a fire.

Tonight temperatures will down to:

We will continue to see windy conditions tomorrow. Winds won't start dying down until later in the evening.

You can expect a sunny day tomorrow with temperatures staying below the average for this time of year.