Flooding remains a concern Tuesday

Posted at 4:52 AM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 06:52:21-04

A few scattered showers will likely make an appearance in Central Montana Tuesday, however the brunt of our last storm system is well out of the area.

Flood Warnings remain the major talking point today, and cover a good chunk on North Central Montana.

For a detailed break down of area flooding please scroll down for details from the National Weather Service…

The good news is that water levels will subside as the day plays out and the remaining moisture exits the state.

Significant saturation is also cause some dense fog throughout Central Montana Tuesday Morning.

This is expected to burn off rather quickly, likely by 9:00 am.

Daytime highs will once again be on track with averages on Tuesday.

Most of Central Montana will see temperatures in the high 60s and early 70s.

Temperatures will continue to rise as the week plays out.

Afternoon showers and thunderstorms are likely on Thursday and Friday.

Storms that do kick off will likely add to the flood concern.

According to the National Weather Service In Great Falls…

Flood warnings remain in place over portions of North Central Montana.

In Glacier, Pondera and Teton counties, most of the flooding is in the Western portions of the county.

Mainly rural roads impacted.

In Lewis and Clark county, the Northern portion of the county is hardest hit, especially the Augusta area, where recent reports have mentioned how the flooding is becoming similar to the conditions experienced last June.

In Judith Casin County, scattered areas of small rural flooding are occurring.

The Flood Warnings continue for the Sun River, Dearborn and Marias River Basins.

The main concern for the Sun River is water releases at Gibson Dam.

Any increase or decrease in releases from Gibson Will have a significant impact on water levels on the sun river.

Another concern for these rivers is that the flooding could last for several days, especially on the Sun River.

Additionally, thunderstorm activity Friday and Saturday could also impact how quickly water levels go below flood stage.