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This electric RV aims to provide hassle-free living off the grid

The travel trailer is 100% electric and has enough power to stay off the grid for up to seven days.
This electric RV aims to provide hassle-free living off the grid
Posted at 11:38 AM, Jan 12, 2024

Walking through the exhibits at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas this week, it’d be hard to miss the giant, futuristic-looking travel trailer sitting on the show floor.

This is Pebble Mobility’s fully electric travel trailer. Pebble is a California-based startup.

Pebble Mobility’s Chief Technology Officer Stefan Solyom gave us a quick tour of what the inside of the Pebble Flow looks like, and some of the features:

@scrippsnews Talk about going off the grid! This travel trailer called the Pebble Flow is fully electric and has enough energy to last you up to 7 days. We got a tour to see what it looks like. #CES2024 #tech #travel ♬ original sound - Scripps News

“We have a very aerodynamic body. We have a 45 kilowatt hour EV battery inside, we have a drive train,” Solyom said, listing off some features of the product. It also has 1 kilowatt of solar integration.

“It’s extremely easy to use; you give this customer an iPhone-like experience to the point that this is not just a vehicle, an RV — it’s a platform. You are buying a platform that is getting smarter and smarter through over-the-air updates,” Solyom said.

Anyone who has used an RV knows the pain of connecting a truck to a travel trailer or choosing to run air conditioning over appliances, for example. This product looked to address all of that.

Solyom says the travel trailer can run for seven days with the air conditioning on, completely off the grid. The trailer can hitch by itself.

Everything can be controlled through an app.

“Everything that you need to control, everything that you need to know about your RV, it is accessible to one point, our Pebble app,” he said.

The trailer is currently available for preorder through the company’s website. The cost starts at $109,000.

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