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Take charcuterie to new heights with towers instead of boards

Take charcuterie to new heights with towers instead of boards
Posted at 5:30 AM, Dec 19, 2023

Charcuterie boards have been all the rage the past few years for those who want to elevate their party game. Everyone wants something with an extra wow factor to impress their guests, after all. As we count down to a new year, it’s time to raise the bar again. Why settle for a flat, two-dimensional board when you can have a majestic charcuterie tower?

Getting creative with charcuterie is not a new concept. First, people put a twist on what to serve on their platters — ever had a hot chocolate charcuterie board or made one just for dogs? But now, people are now reaching for the sky with their plating skills. Literally.

And what we love about the charcuterie tower trend is that it can be as simple or complicated as you like!

For example, take a hint from TikTok user @fine2bjeff for a quick and easy snack setup. He transformed a basic cupcake stand into a charcuterie tower.

@fine2bjeff charcuterie Tower! #brunch #cookingathome #foodie #homecooking #midwest #easyrecipes #charcuterieboardsoftiktok #Fine2bJeff ♬ original sound – Jeffrey

If you’re still looking for an extra festive touch for your charcuterie tower, how about making an edible Christmas tree? We highlighted a fun collection of Christmas tree charcuteries last year, featuring this delicious non-deciduous duo from Facebook user Jamie Rheinholtz.

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So, how do you defy gravity with all of these tasty morsels? We found a few ways to ensure your charcuterie tower doesn’t topple over mid-party.

Erin Metz of Yahoo Life’s Daily Meal recommends using a foam cone you can purchase at your local craft store or online. With toothpicks and some plastic wrap, you can create your charcuterie tower in no time!

Want a video tutorial on how to make a gorgeous charcuterie tower? Here’s one from TikTok user Carla Bushey (@carla.bushey) that looks simple yet stunning!

@carla.bushey Let’s change things up with this Charcuterie Tree. Grab your favorite meats, cheeses and other antipasto favorites and let’s make the Holidays as festive as they can be 🙌🏻 . Ingredients: * 1 tall foam cone (mine is 4.75” x 17.9” but a 14.65” x 15.7” will work too!) * Aluminum foil to wrap the cone * Toothpicks (to attach all the ingredients to the cone * 1 pint of cherry tomatoes * 1 pint of yellow baby tomatoes * 1-8oz tub baby fresh mozarella * 8oz of salame * 8oz of capiccola * 8oz of pepperoni * 1-8oz block of cheddar cheese (cut in cubes) * 1-8oz block of pepperjack cheese (cut in cubes) * 1-8oz jar/can of artichokes * 1-6oz jar of large green olives * 1/2 of yellow bell pepper (to make the star) To make it: Start by wrapping the foam cone on the aluminum foil. I like to do it diagonally so it wraps easier. Then I start adding all the ingredients and attaching them with a toothpick, but leaving part of the toothpick out so people can grab them to eat. I like to go in a swirl on the tree as I add the ingredients line after line. You can use whoever ingredients you prefer but these are great and go very well together. I hope you make it and enjoy! . . #christmastree #christmasappetizers #easyappetizers #antipasto #holidayappetizers #holidayentertaining #charcuterietree #easyrecipes #entertainingathome #holidayparty ♬ underneath the tree – c ❣

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, try this idea: a charcuterie champagne coupe tower.

In this version, @gabrielleinthekitchen uses plastic champagne glasses as individual serving dishes for guests. You need a steady hand and a secure surface to stack the cups, but the finished product will be a great focal point for your event — and works better than the sometimes sticky, too-warm traditional champagne tower.

@gabrielleinthekitchenCharcuterie champagne coup tower 🍾♬ original sound – gossipgirl

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Looking for more ideas? Head to TikTok or Facebook and search for “charcuterie tower.” You’ll find so many ideas, you may have to throw extra dinner parties just to try them all.

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