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Starbucks Japan is going goth with an all-black Frappuccino

Starbucks Japan is going goth with an all-black Frappuccino
Posted at 4:30 AM, Oct 17, 2023

You may think that Americans dominate when it comes to Halloween flavors and spooky season decor, but we might just have to take a seat. Starbucks Japan just surpassed us, big time.

Starbucks Japan just announced a new, limited time-only treat that will have the goth in you reaching for your black lace and Doc Martens. It’s called the Booooo Frappuccino, and Sora News 24 reports it’s being sold in a Tall size only. It’s available now and costs 678 yen ($4.53) for takeout and 690 yen if you want to sit down in the Starbucks and be seen with your pure-black drink.

Starbucks says that the emo black sauce is bitter caramel-flavored and the bottom of the cup features a mild pumpkin pudding that brings a bit of orange color to the concoction. It announced the drink in a Facebook post last week.

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The Japanese arm of the coffee shop chain has also apparently introduced a black chocolate cake with a purple interior. The Halloween Chocolate Cake looks like a totally black cupcake with a crunchy chocolate coating, but it has a purple blueberry cream inside that’s reportedly a bit tart and a bit sweet. It costs 324 yen ($2.17) if you grab one for takeout and 330 yen to eat in.

TikToker @rainbowholictv got them both and showed them off on TikTok:

@rainbowholictv The Frappuccino is looking a bit sus 👀 🖤 Got to try the Starbucks Japan Halloween special menu & the Halloween chocolate cake (blueberry cream filling) did not disappoint! 💜 The Frappuccino is a little bit too sweet for me (or it’s just 9AM lolol). I liked the pumpkin pudding surprise inside! 😋 What do you think? TRY or PASS? Let me know below! ⬇ P.S. Do you also have a Halloween / seasonal menu in your local Starbucks? 🤔 🏷: #starbucksjapan #halloween2023 #スターバックスハãƒã‚¦ã‚£ãƒ³ #boooooフラペチーノ ♬ You & Me – JENNIE

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In case you’re wondering, people on the Facebook thread who’ve actually had a chance to try the Frappuccino say it’s sweet and delicious, although @rainbowholic said it was a bit too sweet for them. As for the cake, it’s apparently not quite as sweet, making it a good complement to the drink. A reviewer in the comments named @Nikifly was not impressed with the flavor of the dessert, though.

We’re jealous — why don’t any of these amazing novelty treats come to the U.S.? The Chai Creme Frappuccino seems so boring in comparison. Both of the all-black Japanese treats will only be around until October 31, but that’s better than nothing at all, which is what we’re getting here in the U.S. Booooo.

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