Carroll College preps for away game against Montana Tech

Posted at 5:35 PM, Sep 02, 2022

HELENA — After taking down number one Montana Western last week, Carroll College’s football program is ready to take on Montana Tech. Carroll has won their past three consecutive meetings against Tech.

“This has been a great rivalry game for since the beginning of time, you know, back 30 years ago, since I played... So excited to get back there. It's a great game, you know, they're a very well coached team. We're well, you know, a very well coached team and so it'll definitely be four quarters of good football, and come right down to the wire,” head coach Troy Purcell said.

True freshman defensive end Forrest Suero had his first taste of college football last week in the win against Western, now he’s ready for round two.

“We're excited. But now we're 0-0. That's our first game coming out of fall camp. It is our first game against Tech. Western is in the past, we're focused on Tech right now,” he DE said.

Carroll College preps for away game against Montana Tech

Some of his older teammates have cued him in on what to expect while away in Butte, America.

“Everyone's a weapon on Tech. So we always want to make sure we isolate whoever gets the ball the most, whoever, wherever they run it, their keys, everything like that,” Suero said.

Not only is he ready to take on the Tech team, but their fans and environment, too.

“I've talked to [Garrett] Kocab, and he said, it's a crazy experience. And our coach, Coach Greff has told me playing under the lights is pretty insane. So I'm ready,” said Suero.

Purcell, a Carroll College 1990 grad is no stranger to this rivalry.

“I haven't been there since 30 years ago when I played there. So it's good energy, there'll be some juiced up, and you know, they'll probably call your mom a bad name and this and that, so we gotta tell our guys that, but it's just a good rivalry game,” Purcell said.

After what the head coach saw in last week’s game he knows what his team needs to do to be successful.

“Bend but not break, but let's bend a little less you know?,” he laughed. “Control the big plays. We didn't have any big plays in that last game which was huge. Penalties, I think we did a good job with the penalties… keep improving on special teams. We got to establish a run game you know, I don't think we're a run game was very not where we wanted at this last game and so you know, and get more touches you know, it's we only had there were three touches on offense in the first half and and but there was no point stored, you know, on the defense, so it worked out pretty good. The objects or the games have one more point than they do whether it's 100 to 101 or two to zero you know, the object is to win the game however we can,” Purcell said.

Kickoff is scheduled for 1pm at Bob Green Field.