Capital Bruins gear up for first home game of the season

Posted at 10:11 AM, Sep 01, 2022

HELENA — After an impressive 28-21 showing against the Bozeman Hawks, Helena Capital is preparing to take on Billings West in their very first home game of the season.

“They're an air raid offense but they do love running the ball. So we just got to be solid up front and solid in the back half of the defense and I think we'll be alright,” Tom Carter, senior wide receiver said.

And for Head Coach Kyle Mihelish the expectation is to be more than alright.

“The expectations obviously we get a win. I thought we had a good week of practice so far. It's hot as we know. You know Billings West has kind of had our number here the last few years. I don't remember the last time Billings West came to Helena and it was five six years ago. I guess on the on the playoffs. We've always had to travel and go play West over there and Billings, but you know, we want a hard fought game and come out with a victory,” the coach said.

Under center for the Bruins in last Friday's win was both Joey Michelotti and Hudsen Grovom. Both of them will see snaps again this Friday as no QB1 has been determined.

“We're gonna get snaps again on Friday. We're gonna make final decision tonight after practice and tomorrow. So they both keep competing, and they both do some different things. You know, like I said last week, Hudsen gives us certain things that Joey doesn't, and Joey gives us certain things and Hudsen doesn't. So together, they're a pretty good package,” Mihelish said.

And for the heavily targeted receiver who came out of last week’s game with two touchdowns, he doesn’t mind swapping QBs mid-game.

“Whichever quarterback is in, they're just there because they bring so many different things. Both of them. And they're both great. I love playing with both,” Carter stated.

The senior receiver is looking forward to his last first home game.

“Just [looking forward to] the crowd and seeing all my friends from school out there and going out there with all my buds and hopefully getting the win,” he said.