Helena High School Science Circus adapts to change

Helena High School brings science to life at annual Science Circus
Posted at 10:57 AM, Feb 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-18 19:50:46-05

HELENA — COVID has changed or canceled countless events over the past year.

In order to avoid cancellation for a second time, the annual Helena High School Science Circus has moved to an online platform, and the students say they’re bringing the circus to you.

The Helena High School Science Circus has been around for more than three decades, but this years’ seniors were not going to let the pandemic ruin the beloved annual event.

Helena High Senior Dylan Maharg says, “We also started brain storming and the best idea we came up with was science kits that kids can do, kind of have science circus in their own home.”

Instead of holding a two day, hands-on Science Circus at the school, where hundreds of people would attend, the students adapted.

Dylan added, “So it gives you a brief paragraph about what i just told you because of COVID we couldn’t do it so we thought it would be best to bring it into your homes and then it says any order can be from February 8th to March 8th.

Not only did the Science Seminar students at Helena High build this website for easy access, they also put together each kit.

Dylan says, “We have 8 kits, so it shows you a picture so we got a crystal clear where you can make some crystals, a little lava lamp you can make and then butterfly magnets, homemade play dough, micro volcanoes, moose or elephant toothpaste, fossil kit, or a tornado in a bottle.”

Each kit costs $10 and can be purchased on the website and then picked up during one of the four weekends in March at the school.

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