Butte Central Catholic schools start in-person classes

Posted at 10:44 AM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-26 12:44:29-04

BUTTE - A principal without students can be a sad profession.

“It was so lonely here his summer,” said Butte Central High Principal J.P. Williams.

That changed this week as students at Butte Central Catholic Schools returned to in-person classes.

“Goooooo Maroons!”

The 111 students at the high school are required to wear masks and are in smaller, socially distanced classrooms. Officials are hoping these guidelines will prevent the spread of the coronavirus and keep classes going into the fall.

“We have taken every mandated precaution and then some. We have a daily check-in also with the health department, we’re doing a daily meeting, getting updates constantly,” said Williams.

The principal says it’s been uplifting for him and teachers to have the students return.

“To see smiling kids come up the steps to say 'Hi, Mr. Williams,' or 'Hello, how are you doing? We missed you,' ‘Yeah, I missed you too,’ so it’s just wonderful to have these kids back in school,” said Williams.

Butte Central has the hand sanitizer, they have the mask requirement, a lot of restrictions, but students here say they’re just happy to be back in class.

“It’s awesome, it’s great, having everybody around you, you know, having all your pals with you,” said Central senior John Crossman.

Sophomore Maycee Anderson agreed, “It’s easier to learn in person, because you can ask the teachers more questions in person.”

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