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Police say 9-year-old boy tried to drive to school in his mother's car

Authorities say the incident is an important reminder to secure cars and educate kids about road safety.
Police say 9-year-old boy tried to drive to school in his mother's car
Posted at 8:23 PM, Mar 29, 2024

The highway patrol in Oroville, California, made an unusual traffic stop this week after a 9-year-old boy took his mother’s car to drive himself to school.

In a post on Facebook, the California Highway Patrol said they were in a short chase on Wednesday with a car that they first found sitting in the middle of an intersection.

The car led the chase to a parking lot near a local elementary school, then went into reverse and collided with the highway patrol cruiser.

CHP found a nine-year-old boy driving the car, who had taken his mother’s vehicle to drive himself to school.

CHP says no one was injured and the incident. It alerted the authorities, documented the case, and made sure the young driver made it to school.

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“The fact that this crash involved a child driver only heightens the need for awareness around vehicle security and the importance of imparting road safety knowledge to our younger generation,” CHP Oroville wrote about the incident. “It also serves as a wake-up call to secure our vehicles and educate our children on the dangers of unauthorized driving."

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