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Parts of Northeast to see 1st major snowfall in 2 years

Parts of the Northeast haven't seen a significant winter storm in two years. That could change this weekend.
Parts of Northeast to see 1st major snowfall in 2 years
Posted at 6:57 AM, Jan 05, 2024

Many parts of the Northeastern U.S. will experience their first impactful winter storm in two years on Saturday and Sunday as some regions could receive up to a foot of snow. 

Winter storm warnings were issued from North Carolina to New York, while winter storm watches extend all the way to Maine. The National Weather Service warned that sections of New York and New England could get between 6 inches and 12 inches of snow. 

Parts of western Virginia and North Carolina could get up to a quarter-inch of ice. 

Although major coastal cities in the Northeast aren't expected to see significant snow, the National Weather Service warned that these areas could experience flooding. 

"The combination of heavy, wet snow and gusty winds in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts may lead to some power outages and tree damage. Gusty onshore winds may lead to minor flooding along the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England coasts, particularly for the Sunday morning high tide cycle," said Mussie Kebede, Weather Prediction Center meteorologist. 

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The snowstorm is the first major winter system to strike the Northeast this season. The 2022-23 winter season was particularly quiet, meaning many regions of the Northeast have gone nearly two years without experiencing a winter storm. 

Given how long it's been since the last major storm, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Director Randy Padfield recommends getting an emergency preparedness kit ready ahead of the storm. 

"Have a kit at home in case you have a long-duration power outage that has shelf stable food in it, has some water, has obviously your medications, a battery-operated flashlight, a power bank to be able to power your cellphone if you lose power," he said. "If you're traveling, make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle that has blankets, warm clothes, those types of things in case you actually are stranded out there on the roadway for an extended period of time."

Padfield added that the first major storm of the year is generally the most impactful as people aren't quite accustomed to driving in winter weather conditions. 

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