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Out and About: Hunter and Outdoor Sportsman Show, a flea market, and CLUE

Posted at 6:08 PM, Feb 22, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-22 20:08:51-05

HELENA — In this week’s edition of Out and About: An outdoor sportsman show, flea market pop-up, and a Former Felons’ Ball Extravaganza.

Helena Hunting and Outdoor Sportsman Show - Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds - 02/23 - 02/25 

On Friday, from 2 to 7 p.m. Sky blue Shows MT will kick off the Helena Hunting and Outdoor Sportsman Show at the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds. The three day trade show will have plenty of options to buy, sell, or trade throughout the day. Saturday's show will go from 9 am to 5 p.m . and Sunday’s will go from 9 a.m. till 2 p.m.

Bella’s 2nd Flea Market - At Bella Peacock Vintage, Veranda, Gift and Antiquary - 02/23 - 02/24

Also on Friday, from 3 to 6 p.m. At Bella Peacock Vintage, Veranda, Gift and Antiquary, they will host Bella’s 2nd Flea Market. There will be plenty of vendors to shop from, like a gal that makes purses for motorcycle and horseback riding and more. There will also be food available from Family Roots and will be cooking up some fun breakfast and lunch . The market will also run on Saturday from 9 a.m. To 4 p.m. Also on Friday, they will be hosting a live online action which will include a collection of Vintage video games, gaming systems and fun accessories.

CLUE: A Former Felons’ Ball Extravaganza - Blackfoot River Brewing - 02/24

Also on Saturday, there will be a mystery that needs solving! Hosted by Montana Pride, it will be an all day event inspired by the board game CLUE, as well as tons of other activities in, and around, downtown Helena. The game will kickoff at Blackfoot River Brewing where you can get the rules, your playing sheet, and a 6-sided die. The game will open at noon, and run until closing time at the Blackfoot Brewery.

If there is an event that you want to see next week, please send us an email with all of the details to outandabout@ktvh.com.