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One of the few remaining Sears stores is closing

The Newport Centre shopping mall store in Jersey City, New Jersey, opened in 1987.
One of the few remaining Sears stores is closing
Posted at 12:31 PM, Jan 12, 2024

Sears, which was once a staple in malls across the country, is quickly disappearing. 

One of the few remaining stores, located in Jersey City, New Jersey, announced it is closing. 

The store opened in 1987 at the Newport Centre shopping mall. It's the only Sears location remaining in the state. 

No closing date has been released, but customers have been informed about "Everything Must Go" sales. The store has discounted tools up to 40% off. Apparel for men, women and children is marked down up to 50%. 

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The fall of Sears as a major department store has been widely documented. 

Founded in the 1880s, Sears went from a mail-order watch company to a national brand that was initially powered by its robust catalog. Brick-and-mortar locations would follow. 

According to Smithsonian Magazine, Sears operated more than 300 department stores in 1929. Sears would go on to dominate the retail space for over 60 more years. The magazine states that Sears lost its status as the country's largest retailer to Walmart in 1991. 

More competition and its inability to keep up with changing shopping habits would ultimately be Sears' downfall. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and shut down most of its remaining stores in the years that followed.

There are currently only about 12 Sears stores still open in the U.S.

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