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Where can you recycle in Helena?

Posted at 1:19 PM, Oct 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-28 13:41:31-04

HELENA — MTN viewer John Ilgenfritz wanted to know more about recycling spots in the city of Helena—what happened to the recycling bins at Safeway and are there other spots to recycle than the transfer station? We got the answers.

The bins at Safeway were moved due to construction at the gas station. Those bins are now located behind CVS on 11th Ave. and N. Montana Ave.

Across the city of Helena and Lewis and Clark County, there are eight recycling locations:

  • Behind CVS on 11th Ave. and N. Montana Ave.
  • Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds - 98 W. Custer Ave.
  • Boeing - 3200 Skyway Dr.
  • Across from Dale Harris Park (Dale Harris Park Address is 279 S. Cruse Ave.)
  • Grub Stake - 1450 Lincoln Rd. West
  • Canyon Ferry Mini-Basket - 3012 Canyon Ferry Rd.
  • Former Valley Sand and Gravel Excavation site - McHugh Drive
  • Transfer Station -1975 N. Benton Ave. 

“The public is very fond of the locations, and they’re free, which is great,” City of Helena sustainability and recycling coordinator Miranda Griffis said.
There is one more set of recycling bins needing a location. Griffis said they are looking for businesses interested in hosting the recycling bins, and public input on locations in the city or county.

“They can let us know if hat would be a good spot, or if there’s a need for it in that area,” Griffis said.

For more information about recycling, click here.