Weather Wise: 2023 Fall Wrap

Weather Wise Fall Recap
Posted at 10:18 AM, Dec 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-12 12:18:26-05

Perspective is everything. Although it is still technically fall, meteorological fall ended on the final day of November.

Meteorological fall is the period from the first of September to the final day of November. Looking back at this fall, what do you remember? Warm and dry? Maybe you remember that record-setting snowstorm in October being a blip on the radar? Well, the final numbers for fall of 2023 may be a bit surprising.

Overall the months of September, October and November for most of Montana produced above-average temperatures and above-average precipitation. September temperatures were a couple of degrees above normal but record precipitation at the end of the month brought those totals well above normal.

October was mostly warmer than average until the end of the month when a record-breaking storm brought snow and cold. Most of the state ended up slightly below average for temperatures with precipitation nearly double the average.

And then there was November, which was warm and dry. Most of the state finished close to 5 degrees above average with well below average precipitation. In fact, Helena had one of its driest Novembers on record.

But the average is the sum of the parts and meteorological fall in Montana was a few degrees above normal, precipitation was 1-2" above normal, with a record-setting snowstorm in the middle. Areas of drought have decreased. and for our region, there were 27 records related to cold temperatures versus 20 record-warm events.