Vigilante Day Parade Livestream with MTN

Vigilante Day Parade Live
Vigilante Day Parade
Posted at 8:47 AM, May 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-06 17:38:19-04

HELENA — Friday, May 6, will mark the 98th holding of the Vigilante Day Parade with more than 50 floats having been constructed this week.

MTN will have a live stream of the parade on the KTVH Facebook page beginning at noon and on our live stream page.

This year’s Vigilante Parade had 75 floats. With 35% of all Helena High and Capital High students participating in the parade, the senior class won the A.J. Roberts Cup with 52%

  • 2nd Place - Junior Class 39%
  • 3rd Place - Sophomore Class 28%
  • 4th Place - Freshman Class 26%

Grand Champion

Last Chance Gulch During the Gold Rush: Marisa Pargot, Erik Callery, Laurel Maronick, Isaac Nehring, Eva Santos, Evan Stefaniak, and Naomi Sweeney.

Most Historically Accurate (Montana Historical Society)

Henry Sieben’s Cattle Ranch: Alyvia Sperry, Nathan Dupler, Byton Kipp, Collin Leckner, Cameron Mann, Evangeline Och, Avery Powell, Tyten Sichelstiel, and Iyana Stanger.

American Indian

1922 MT State Fair Inter-Tribal Indian Relay Race: Deacon Eagleman, Ace Dolecheck, Chey Harris,

Clay Kroll, and Trenton Salway.

Historic Helena

1.Helena’s State Fair (1909-1915): Malea Brancamp, Aricia Campillo, Caleb Dalton, Jordan Escamilla, JaeLynn Fishburn, Brisies Gauer, Phoenix Griego, Sean Herrera, Collin Hurlburt, Jacob Janacaro, Abby Simmons, Cindy Simmons, Jesse Taylor and Brooklynn White Pittman.

2. Last Chance Stampede (Began 1960): Sam Petersen, Caitlyn Brown, Brynn Cotton, Jadyn Gilliam, Tristyn Gilliam, Lane Kosena, Keaton Normandy, Zach Pullin, Madeline Stroman, and Alek Zimmerman.

3. Mann Gulch Fire (1949): Taylor Parisot, Ian Rasmann, Sam Schiltz, Trey Schlepp, Dimitri Sebastian, Elliot Stimpson and Henry Sund.

Pioneer Life

1. Belmont Ski Club, Now Great Divide: Tanner Miller, Ryal Evans, Trevin Kockler, Logan Kosena, Logan Lysager, Colin Richem, and Casey Terry.

2. Dorothy’s Rooms (Brothel): Carlin Onstad, Keiran Boyle, Kenzie Grotbo, Aiden Kelly, RaeAnn Lowen, Emma Hopkins, and Ella Shropshire, and Isabel Beasley.

Helena Business

1. KTVH TV - First Television Station in Helena: Jacob Curry, Mike Bartsch, Alex Brisko, Logan Colberg, Tyler Cutler, Alexis Jacobs, McKenna Robertson, and Tucker Zanto.

2. Imperial Lanes Bowling (1957): Kennedy Pocha, Jack Anderson, Lance Baumgart, Jenna Boltz, Jacob Brown, Abigail Ecke, Sarah Logan, Tycen Mooney, Carter Perlinski, Hayden Langemo, and Mikayli McDowell.

3. Helena Brewery: Henry Gross, Cole Christensen, Luke Dowdy, Hudson Grovom, Luke Hanson, Quinn Hanson, Colton Lindgren, Joey Michelotti, Nick Michelotti, and Hayden Optiz.

Famous People

Fannie Sperry Steele: Destiny Estep, Liz Bowen, Madison Curry, Ruby Forman, Keelie Hankins, Amelia Hansen, Ethan Martin, Drew Morgan, John Pida, Sienna Pisciarelli, Aydan Tomlin, and Tyler Zito.

Mining and Transportation

Last Chance Gulch During the Gold Rush: Neillea Warden, Alyssa Kline, and Melony Campbell.

Antique Vehicles

Allis Chalmers in All its Glory: Philip Patten.

World War II and the COVID-19 pandemic are the only events known to have interrupted the parade, causing cancelations from 1942-1945 and in 2020 respectively. In 2021 a “Reverse Parade” was held where people drove by floats that were set up at the fairgrounds.

The first parade was held in 1924 to celebrate Montana history. Helena High Principal Albert J. Roberts wanted a safe alternative to class rivalry, including a bloody “junior-senior fight” that were raising safety concerns. The parade quickly became a beloved community tradition, creating memories cherished by generations of Helenans.