Video: buck avoids being caught by coyotes at Holter Lake

Buck avoids being caught by coyotes at Holter Lake
Posted at 5:45 PM, Sep 01, 2022

Kristin Kolski of Simms was on Holter Lake on Sunday, August 28, 2022. She said they went to the lake to try catching some walleye - but instead got video of a buck trying to avoid being caught by coyotes.

She shared the video with KRTV and wrote:

We had noticed something in the water about 20 yards ahead. It appeared to be a branch of sorts but was moving quite quickly for how still the water was that morning. As our boat inched closer we came to realize that this was a nice sized buck. We instantly set our eyes to the shore as it is very unusual to see a deer just going for a casual swim across a lake on any given day unless it was being chased!

Moments after I began filming a lone coyote appeared to be waiting patiently on the shoreline for his "meal" to return. When the buck neared the shore he kept from setting hoof on dry land. Trying to find a steady foot it was clear he was exhausted from his swim as his hind end was weak and his legs shook with fear. Time stood still as we watched this beautiful animal trying to decide what his next move would be. His head turned quickly just as another large coyote appeared.

Cattle in the distance watched too knowing they were safe but curious as to who or what was on the menu for these hungry carnivores. Just as both coyotes appeared they realized they were being watched by us and began to make way back up the hillside. The buck then made his way up the shoreline making sure not to touch dry land.

We stopped filming but continued to watch the buck until he rounded a bend and was out of sight. We do not know what this fellas fate was but like to think he made it to see another day and that the coyotes found a much smaller but filling meal elsewhere!

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