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Benefis Helena Specialty Center preparing to open

Posted at 6:08 PM, Feb 12, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-13 12:35:58-05

HELENA — After almost two years of construction, the new Benefis Helena Specialty Center is preparing to open its doors.

On Monday, we got an early look at the new center.

This new 64,000-square-foot, three-floor building is located on the former Capitol Hill Mall site. The center focus is on outpatient care.

“So, we’re focusing on internal medicine sub-specialties, so specialties people are coming to great falls for that we want to bring those things closer to Helena,” said Amy Linder, the Senior Director of Provider Practices.

Benefis says their Helena patients currently have to travel for specialty care.

“We don’t want patients to have to travel if they can help it and so we want to bring those services so you’re here and you’re also here with your support group,” Linder said.

The center includes operating rooms, cancer treatment, imaging services, a lab, exam rooms and both Helena and Great Falls-based specialists.

“We’ll probably have about 60 or so, 60 to 70 in this building. It has the capacity for more so we’ll be able to expand. Right now, the footprint is that every provider that comes in will have three exam rooms to see patients,” said Linder.

Benefis, says they have received positive reactions from the community so far.

“So, the enthusiasm around our budding in the community has been very heartwarming, very exciting for us and of course our staff and providers,” Linder said.

The Benefis Helena Specialty Center opens on Friday, March 1.

The public is invited to an open house from 10 to 1 on Thursday, February 22.

“Anyone can come stop in. We’ll have tours of the building. We’ll talk about what services are going to be in the building,” said Linder.

The new center is located at 1645 Vandelay Avenue, between Prospect Avenue and 11th Avenue.