The Montana Jewish Project reflects on the war in Israel

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Posted at 9:46 AM, Oct 10, 2023

HELENA — Montana may be over 6,000 miles away from Israel, but the events are being felt by Montana families.

“So many Jewish Americans have family or friends in Israel. It’s a smaller world,” said Rebecca Stanfel, the Director of the Montana Jewish Project.

The Montana Jewish Project has been closing watching the conflict in Israel. They understand that the Montana Jewish community has personal ties over there.

Stanfel has heard from people who have family being called to the reserves, and people who have experienced losses from these events.

“Tap into that feeling of empathy," Stanfel said. "Empathy for the lives that were lost.”

She encourages the Montana community to just be aware and understanding of what their friends and neighbors are going through, and the feelings this can bring up.

“And recognizing that your friends and neighbors might be a little more on edge when they're going into a synagogue, when they're going into a Jewish Community Center. This is a time that’s very difficult,” Stanfel noted.

Finally, she encourages the Jewish community to get help from leaders when needed.

“I want to encourage people in Montana, who are Jewish, to reach out to their congregation leaders or rabbis cause this brings up powerful feelings for many of us,” said Stanfel.
If you need to help finding a rabbi or community leader, contact the Montana Jewish Project on their website, and they will refer you.

For donations, visit Magen David Adom in Israel.