Tech jobs thriving, while others are in decline

Tech jobs thriving, while others are in decline
Posted at 5:50 PM, Sep 22, 2021

When it comes to the job market, some jobs and careers show to be on the decline while other opportunities in the technology field are rising and thriving.

Jason Clark, a professor at Montana State University, says that there are good indicators to starting a career in technology could be lucrative.

"This kind of technology is impacting a number of different areas, and the people who help write the technology are conversant with that technology are going to be in a space where they can enter in new forms of work and be in a different kind of career,” explained Clark.

For example, legal secretaries and administrative assistants are on the list of declining jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a legal secretary or administrative assistant career field saw a -33.6% decline.

Some of that could be because of a processing program doing the job and eliminating the reason to hire someone.

"There are natural language processing algorithms that go in, look at Corpus Law, and they are also doing the job of law clerks," noted Clark.

On the other hand, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statics shows career fields in data science, mathematics science careers came in about 63% in 2020. By 2030, that percentage is expected to go up by 83%.

Tech jobs thriving, while others are in decline

"Newer forms of work are more and more interested or more connected to data science. So varies forms of presenting things on the web of knowing how to code," Clark said.

Such as data visulation , what readers see on a website.

"Data visualization is almost a component and essential component of a story or the way that you use infographics to tell a story. And, some of that is, do you know how to work with a data set? Do you know how to interpret a data set? And, then visualize it," added Clark.