Showdown Montana now owns a hotel

Showdown Montana now owns a hotel
Edith Hotel
Posted at 5:47 PM, Aug 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-12 14:20:51-04

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS — Showdown Montana, the ski area located near Neihart, recently bought a hotel in the nearby community of White Sulphur Springs. The hotel, formerly known as the All Season Inn & Suites, is now called The Edith.

Though the building still serves as a hotel, it’s a revitalized concept with paintings, furniture, and sculptures lining the walls and floors.

The hotel will service tourists, hunters, skiers, fishers, and other adventure-seekers from across the states and globe.

Because it’s now owned by Showdown, the hotel includes benefits for skiers who stay there and rewards the resort’s employees with accommodations during non-ski season.

“We have a huge struggle with employee housing, and it would allow us backup for that if needed,” said Katie Boedecker, Showdown and Edith Hotel president.

She describes the hotel as a combination of modern and traditional styles with a slice of Montana soul.

“We really tried to give each room its own personality. And I will say one thing, we try and put love into everything we do, and I think people feel that when they walk in,” said Boedecker.