Showdown Montana is open for the season

Posted at 9:11 AM, Dec 24, 2023

“Pray for snow!” Has been the go-to tagline for Showdown Mountain the past couple of weeks. Due to a lack of snow, the small ski mountain was unable to open until December 23rd, about a month later than they opened the previous year. However, as the 23rd arrived, it appeared as though their prayers were answered.

“Opening day, we couldn't have asked for a better day,” Avery Patrick, Vice President and Marketing Director at Showdown Montana said, “We've had five inches of new snow since last night. It is just exactly what we needed, and we are so excited.”

Spirits were high on the mountain and in the lodge as Showdown was finally able to open its doors to the public, letting in crowds of excited skiers and snowboarders ready to hit the slopes.

“We've had a great day, a great turnout, and people are so excited to be up here with the new snow,” Patrick said.

Showdown is starting their season strong, only being closed on Christmas day up until the new year, and having multiple events that are fun for all ages.

“On New Year's Eve, we have a really fun event, our torchlight parade and fireworks that is open to the public,” Patrick said, “It is out here on the main deck after the skiing is closed. It's a big torchlight run down the hollow and it starts when it gets dark, like 5:00, 5:30, I think. And we have food and drink specials, live music. It's a really family friendly, fun event.”

Of course, even more than the snow, Showdown is grateful for the patrons who showed up to support the mountain on opening day.

“People have been so kind, and they have been so excited to get up here and so supportive,” Patrick said, “And we just really feel like our locals have really taken care of us, and we’ve felt the love.”

Click here to visit the Showdown website.