Sam Rankin, Libertarian candidate for Montana's 2nd Congressional District

Montana's Eastern Congressional District
Posted at 10:12 PM, Oct 01, 2022

GREAT FALLS — Eastern congressional district Libertarian candidate Sam Rankin says that the outsized influence of money in politics is why people no longer approve of the work being done in congress.

“There's no reflection of the will of the people in most of what congress does," Rankin said.

In Montana’s new eastern district, incumbent and first-term Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale starts out with huge advantages for 2022, both in terms of money and political lean of the district. Rankin, an advocate for spending less money in politics, is far out matched in resources compared to Rosendale as well as Independent candidate Gary Buchanan and Democratic candidate Penny Ronning.

When Rankin filed to run, he said he thought he might have a shot at winning because people seemed so frustrated with the two party system.

If any of the other candidates in the race are elected, they will be beholden to monied interests, Rankin said.

“My other three colleagues," Rankin said. "Basically are going to do what corporate PACs and lobbyists want in Washington, D.C."

Electing people like him is the best way to breach the walls of money surrounding congress, Rankin said.