Pureview Health Center receives a $89,000 grant

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jan 05, 2024

HELENA — Pureview Health Center in Helena has received an $89,000 grant to develop and enhance integrated behavioral health services, or IBH Programs.

IBH integrates behavioral health with primary health care and aims to address physical and mental health in a unified approach.

It will allow patients to get primary care and behavioral health care during a single appointment and a foster a team-care approach with doctors, nurses and behavioral health specialists.

The ultimate goal is to improve patient satisfaction, lower the cost of care and create better health outcomes in the community.

The grant comes from Pacific Source, a health insurance provider.

“We have quicker access to mental health services that are sorely needed. They are able to meet with a behavioral health consultant when they come in or their regular medical care and it is more holistic for the patient,” said Ashley Champagne Post, an Integrated Behavioral Health Manager and Outpatient Therapist.

“So, it doesn’t necessarily have to be just mental health. We can also help with behavioral changes, people that are struggling with diabetes, weightless and immediate stressors,” Rebekah Coomen, a Behavioral Health Consultant for the Integrated Behavioral Health Program said.