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"Weir Family Warriors" come through for family devastated by tragedy

Tyler John Weir
Wyatt John Weir
Community rallies to help the Weir family after deadly crash
Posted at 2:50 PM, May 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-13 14:31:36-04

GREAT FALLS — Support for the Weir family has been pouring in since late March, when a crash east of Great Falls took the lives of 35-year-old dad Tyler and 10-year-old son Wyatt. Mom Jen and children Weston and Wakely continue to recover.

The "Weir Family Warriors" invited all of central Montana to come out and enjoy a family environment in Lewistown to raise money to help the surviving members of the Weir family, and more than 400 people turned out. With the combination of food vendors, t-shirts, a petting zoo, and live and silent auction sales, the effort generated more than $125,000.

Megan Green, one of the organizers, said, "It was way bigger than I anticipated. It was just... infectious, might be the right word. As the live auction was going people were just crazy bidding on things. everybody was willing to step up and support Jen, not only financial but also just emotionally knowing that we’re behind you. we got your back.”

Jennifer Weir said in a statement to MTN News: “It’s overwhelming and humbling to be on the receiving end of this amazing kindness and generosity. I’m so grateful to those who worked hard to put it on and those who dug deep in their pockets to help my family. I’m reminded once again that Montana always takes care of its own.”

A sentiment that Green agrees with wholeheartedly: “Central Montana really came out in droves. You know, it wasn’t just locals but people from all over who were willing to come and support. It was just kind of a goose bump... gave you the goosebumps feeling of just the generosity of people. Reminding us that there is still good in this world, there are still good people.”

Jennifer remains in Seattle where her son is still recovering in an ICU. Her daughter has returned to Great Falls and is back in school for a couple of hours each day.

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