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Ukrainian mayor thanks Bozeman's ROC Wheels for sending 100 wheelchairs to Ukraine

ROC Wheels is playing its part in helping war-stricken Ukraine
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Posted at 10:38 AM, Sep 22, 2022

The local nonprofit ROC (Reach Out and Care) Wheels is not just making a difference by providing wheelchairs for children with disabilities across Gallatin County, but shipping their products world wide. They have been working closely with their partner organization in San Fransisco to prepare to ship more than 100 wheelchairs to the Ukraine.

“It was an idea that came up with just the war happening is that we want to get over there and get some wheelchairs out because we know that that's a huge need,” says Executive Director of ROC Wheels, Dean Hampton.

Bogdan Klichavyi, mayor of a small town in Ukraine, came to ROC Wheels to share his appreciation for what the nonprofit is doing for the children in his country.

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“It's a great thing that you're doing for a lot of people," says Klichavyi. "I mean, the United States, they're just like supporting Ukraine, like they're expressing their words of support. And here I also see not only words but action.”

Mayor Klichavyi also expresses how great the need for the wheelchairs is in his war-stricken country.

“We have a lot of internally displaced people. A lot of injured people in Ukraine that really needs this kind of equipment,” says Klichavyi.

ROC Wheels is hopeful that the shipment of these wheelchairs will be sent out during the fall. They are more than happy to help Ukraine in any way they can and hope that their product will be a lot of help to the country.

“ROC was very happy to help out the people of Ukraine. I mean, that was a passion that all of us had. When the war started, we thought hey, how can we help? We have a great product and it's just a matter of getting it out there,” says Hampton.

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