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Fairfield couple serves community with tasty treats

Julia and Angel Diaz
Posted at 3:54 PM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-12 16:05:03-04

FAIRFIELD — Starting a business is difficult for anyone, but a Fairfield couple has now done it twice - Angel and Julia Diaz have been running two food businesses from their home for the last nine months.

Julia and Angel Diaz of Fairfield

Julia has spent two years building her Milk & Honey bakery business in Fairfield, and just a few months ago welcomed her husband Angel into the entrepreneurial world with his Hot Dang Ninja! eatery.

Julia said, “One thing we have in common is that we both grew up knowing we both wanted a restaurant or some type of food business, and being able to watch him over the last nine months inch towards what he wants as a career, it’s been awesome.”

Two businesses under one roof has not always been a walk in the park.

“Her and I are very different types of people, so starting off working out of the same kitchen was pretty difficult, but now we're kinda in a rhythm where we can work around each other,” Angel said. “It's like a dance. We just know how to work together without getting in each other's way.”

Angel saw the need after moving to rural Montana, and realized that Fairfield has very few dining options: “I came from Florida where there are plenty of places to eat. Here, there really isn't too many restaurants. Plus I wanted to bring that Puerto Rican flair!”

Fairfield couple serves community with tasty treats

And the community just can’t get enough. “He has the most amazing street tacos - and I'm a taco snob!” said Hot Dang Ninja! customer Kelcy Bouma.

Julia says the community has stood by them and their dreams: “The thing about Fairfield is if you are a small business they want to order from you, they want to support you.”

Both Hot Dang Ninja! and Milk & Honey have a bright future ahead - the couple hopes to expand to a restaurant or a food truck but until then, all they need is a shared kitchen, a food tent, and a whole lotta love.


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