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Cascade County couple donates to the community

Posted at 6:16 PM, Sep 09, 2023

CASCADE — A couple from Ulm had trouble seeing the light, well today the light is shining on them.

Graig and Monti Gilham have started a non-profit called CHOICE. They have raised money through a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, and donated the funds to the city of Cascade for Wedsworth Hall to purchase a new sound system and roller skates.

"Choices is our 501C3 nonprofit that we formed for our boys to participate in AAU basketball tournaments throughout the state. And we actually went out of state taking teams to different tournaments this summer and starting the nonprofit allowed us to receive funding donations and whatnot. And we have one specific funder that we have, um, out of Arizona who is the Russell Foundation or the Russell Garrett Foundation," explained Monti.

CHOICE which stands for Connecting Higher Opportunities in Community Endeavors has given funds to high school athletes who would not be given the chance to participate, if it wasn’t for financial assistance.

Monti said, "My husband and I, we threw together the three on three basketball tournaments, which was here on the street here in front of Wedsworth Hall. So as we were getting permission and whatnot in the town of Cascade, Jodie Campbell at the town of Cascades, she mentioned that Wedsworth Hall was in need of some equipment and whatnot. And so that's what we intended to do with the three on three tournament with the proceeds is to give it back to the town of Cascade. And so we picked the Wedsworth Hall and then the Cascade Booster Club at the school district."

The Gilhams want the future for our children to be filled with happiness, education, competitiveness, sobriety and for all children to be able to get that one chance, to achieve their goal.


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