New mural helps brighten time at St. Peter's Emergency Department

Posted at 9:36 AM, Aug 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-27 11:36:51-04

The Holter Museum of Art and St. Peter’s Health are partnering to brighten up the experience while waiting at the hospital's Emergency Department.

The staff at the Holter have painted a new mural of a sunset at the entrance of the department.

Designed by Bozeman artist Sarah Angst, the mural was suggested by the Emergency Department staff to help the waiting room feel less clinical.

“The emergency department is a place where people come when they’re really at their worst point in their day so we wanted to create a little bit better atmosphere for them when they’re sitting and waiting for their loved one or they’re waiting to get back to see medical care,” said Anne McCoy, director of St. Peter’s Emergency Department.

Any hospital visit can be a scary and stressful time for a patient and their family, let alone one to the emergency room.

Since 2019 for the Holter Healing Arts Program has brought the therapeutic power of art outside of the museum and directly into the patient care environment.

They’ve made art packs available in every department of the hospital, teach classes in the behavior health unit twice a week, and have helped set up creative makers stations in all of the nurses lounges.

“The patients have really loved it,” said Holter Healing Arts coordinator Nicole Keintz.”They feel like they’re really cared for and that art is very therapeutic. It’s very relaxing and it really contributes to an atmosphere of healing and restoration.”

The current plan is to do a new mural in the Emergency Department waiting area every couple months featuring Montana artists.

The Holter Healing Arts Program is only possible through donations and community support. More information about their mission can be found here.