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NASA set to try again Saturday with Artemis I mission

NASA Moon Rocket
Posted at 12:01 PM, Sep 02, 2022

NASA is ready to try again to launch Artemis I toward the moon on Saturday.

Engine issues prevented the rocket from lifting off on Monday. After saying that officials were troubleshooting a hydrogen leak, NASA said that there was also a problem discovered in the rocket's third engine. Officials said that the engine was not showing the correct temperature once NASA did an engine bleed test.

After making repairs, officials said the spacecraft is ready for liftoff on Saturday

"Our team is ready,” said Jeremy Parson, deputy manager for NASA Exploration Ground Systems. “They are getting better with every attempt and actually performed superbly during launch countdown number one. So in my mind, I think if the conditions with weather and the hardware align, we will absolutely go and we have the right team at kind of the right time."

Artemis I is part of a program that will send humans back to the moon.

The unmanned mission will fly by the moon before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean in October.