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Mississippi capital grappling with water pressure and quality issues

Water Woes Mississippi
Posted at 7:51 AM, Sep 01, 2022

People in Jackson, Mississippi are facing a water crisis.

Flooding in the area caused major problems at one of the city's treatment plants.

City officials said the water plant "experienced some challenges" with water chemistry, which caused the depletion of the surface water tanks.

This has caused water pressure to fall to a level where most customers have low to no pressure.

The plant reportedly received a new water pump that has the ability to increase water pressure. City officials said it was installed Wednesday and customers should've started seeing increased water pressure by Wednesday night.

"There are some challenges to navigate over the next 48 hours as the intake water source changes chemistry again," the city said in a press release, "We are monitoring and are prepared to adjust treatment as needed."

A boil advisory is in effect for those who have running water.