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Medicaid, abortion stand out as state ballot tests on health issues

Some very high-profile health races are being determined on the state level during the midterms.
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Posted at 5:03 PM, Nov 08, 2022

Some of the most high-profile and consequential key heath care election fights are showing up on state-level ballots during this high-stakes U.S. midterm election season.

Voters in states including Montana, California, Kentucky, Vermont and Michigan will decide on question related to vital reproductive rights after the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade.

These fights are now being carried out, outside of federal level politics.

As Axios reported, there are also key issues on state ballots dealing with the expansion of Medicaid, if access to health care is legally enforceable as a right and also issues dealing with the regulation of the dialysis industry.

While the economy and inflation have been top of mind for voters this year, it will be some of these major health care questions that will also dominate in many races and in the campaigns of many candidates.

While many key decisions will depend on if Republicans retake one or both houses of Congress, President Joe Biden offered a plan, off camera, if the worst for the Democrats happens.

CNN reported that Biden said last Friday in Chicago, to a small crowd in a hotel bathroom off camera, “If we lose the House and Senate, it’s going to be a horrible two years,” he reportedly said. “The good news is I’ll have a veto pen,” Biden said, according to CNN.