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Are teachers tired of bath bombs, candles, and lotions? Educators share their favorite holiday gifts

Posted at 6:56 AM, Dec 19, 2023

If you're not the most creative gift-giver, it can be stressful figuring out what to get your children's teachers for the holidays.

I did a quick Facebook poll and posted, "Looking for teacher gift ideas! Teachers weigh in—Are you sick of the coffee mugs, candles, and bath bombs? Never know what to get each year."

Parents and teachers chimed in. Out of more than two dozen responses (including cash, original art, thank you notes, and even liquor), more than twenty said gift cards.

"I am doing gift cards because there is a rule in my kid's school district that we're not allowed to give straight cash. So, I am going to do a gift card where they can use a gift card anywhere they want," said mom and educator Heather Clarke.

Clarke says parents can even pool their money for a bigger balance on the card, which she thinks is much better than your go-to holiday gifts.

"I mean teachers get so many mugs. So, like nix the mug, nix the candle, nix the lotion."

"I get a wide variety. I get candles, I get coffee mugs, I get coffee gift cards, chocolates, I get homemade gifts. It's all over the place. And socks," said music teacher, Courtnay Gildersleeve.

The homemade presents she says are always appreciated. One year a student gifted Gildersleeve a wallet they sewed for her. The fabric, fittingly, was covered with music notes.

"I do really have a soft spot for the homemade gifts because I really think they come from a place of sincerity."

"I've been using it for years. It's one of my favorites."

If you already bought the coffee mugs, lotions, and bath bombs, these educators say, don't stress out about it.

"I mean, I think a teacher's going to appreciate anything you give them. I certainly appreciated anything I got from a family. Don't go broke. You know, times are tough. Anything that you can do is appreciated," said Clarke.