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Townsend's Fall Fest begins Friday, Oct. 1st

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Posted at 4:47 PM, Sep 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-01 14:21:18-04

TOWNSEND — Leaves are turning, cooler weather is rolling in and Townsend's Fall Fest is back.

After taking last year off, the 20th annual Townsend Fall Fest is gearing up to begin on Friday, October 1 and organizers say it will be the biggest one yet.

“With a year plus of people not being able to socialize as we used to, there's a lot of pent-up energy, there has been a lot of phone calls coming on in this year, ‘We want to come out and play,’ or ‘you still having the fall fest,’ ‘You still having the car show?’ ‘Can I be a vendor?’ So yeah, there's a lot of excitement in the air,” said Townsend Fall Fest Vendor Coordinator Laura Obert.

As Friday approaches, Heritage Park in Townsend is getting set up by volunteers to host more than 10-thousand people at the town’s center.

Fall Fest is a free event for visitors and the town's Rotary club gives back all the money they earn from the event back to the community.

“Essentially give all that money that we make through Fall Fest back to the community through various projects, we give out four high school scholarships to graduating seniors. recently we basically refurbished the inside of the food bank,” said Townsend Fall Fest Planning Chairman Jeff Langlinais,

Langlinais says that this weekend is the perfect time to put it on.

“It's good weather people have been cooped up for a while, they're anxious to get back out. This is likely to be one of our best years ever,” said Langlinais.

Vendors will offer event-goers food and drinks and even live music, but there are unsung heroes of the event.

“A lot of volunteers that come in to help make this happen, but I have to give kudos to our neighbors, the people who surround this park who support this show year after year after year they are amazing and we couldn't do this without them,” said Obert.

You can find more information on the Fall Fest’s Facebook page here.