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Montana native Nelly Nicol announces run for State Auditor

Posted at 3:53 PM, Oct 07, 2019

Billings resident Nelly Nicol announced today that she is running as a Republican for Montana State Auditor.

Nelly is a fourth-generation Montanan, wife, mother, and professional who has spent much of her career working in the insurance industry. “I was raised in a patriotic Marine Corps household and serving others is something that comes naturally to me. As a candidate for the position of State Auditor, I will work to protect Montana consumers, fight for their best interests and bring forth transparency in the Auditor’s Office.”

The State Auditor holds a seat on the Montana Land Board Commission, which is entrusted with making critical decisions on Montana Trust Lands.

“It will be an honor to have a seat on the Land Board.” Over five million acres of Montana School Trust Lands are diligently managed by the Land Board to benefit Montana’s K-12 schools. “I am a mother with children in Montana public schools, and someone who understands the responsibility of making decisions in the best interest of our precious Montana children and valuable land.”

The Auditor also leads the Senior Financial Exploitation Task Force, a task force recently initiated by Montana’s current State Auditor, Matt Rosendale.

“I have great love and respect for our veterans and elderly. I was employed as a CNA in nursing homes during my college years and was introduced to the love of my life while volunteering at a VA hospital. Unfortunately, criminals are targeting our older adult population. The state Auditor's office is working in conjunction with other state agencies to fight this battle and keep Montanans safe so we can preserve our generous culture. I plan to keep The Senior Financial Exploitation Task Force a top priority.”

“I have been visiting with Montanans from across the state, discussing insurance rates, expensive health care costs, CHIP, and Medicare and Medicaid expansion. These are extremely important issues to every Montanan and there are solutions. I will fight for a competitive marketplace, transparency in government, and for our local insurance agents, so all Montanans can have affordable insurance and health care.