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Batter up! 'The Cage' is set to open

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Posted at 11:50 AM, Jun 06, 2024

GREAT FALLS — A new business called The Cage is set to open on Wednesday, June 12, and owner Julie Seaman is hoping it will be a home run for the community.

A Solution for Busy Fields and Bad Weather

Seaman explained the motivation behind her venture: "If you don't get to the fields right at five, if it's a beautiful day, every single field is taken. Or if the weather's bad, you're out of luck."

She has been working with local resources to develop the business. "I've been thinking and talking about it for ten years, but I've actually been planning it for six months," she said. "I have been working with the GFDA to build a really strong business plan, and with Bravera (bank) to secure the necessary funding. It's been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get this building to what it is today."

A Variety of Training Options

The Cage will offer a range of options for athletes. "I hope to have a little bit of everything that you might need in order to play your best game," Julie said. "We have a softball pitching machine lane, a baseball pitching machine lane, a lane specific for pitching training, and another lane right where we're standing."

Affordable Year-Round Training

Julie has worked to make The Cage an affordable option year-round. "I wanted to make it not feel like you're spending a lot of money when you come into The Cage," she said. "It is $9 for a half-hour and $18 for an hour. We also have membership structures: a six-month membership at $50 a month, which comes with free rentals, and a monthly membership, that's pretty good."

Looking Forward

In addition to individual use, The Cage is open to working with companies for team-building activities. "I've had conversations with a few companies already that have expressed interest in that," she said. "So that'll be a fun thing to see in the future.”

The Cage aims to provide a much-needed space for athletes in Great Falls to practice and improve their skills, regardless of the weather or field availability.

Click here to visit the website, or visit them on Facebook here, or call 406-315-1677.

The address is 1128 25th Avenue NE in Black Eagle.