Barbers celebrate Father’s Day with free haircuts

Posted at 7:44 PM, Jun 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-16 21:44:42-04

(GREAT FALLS) Two barbers in Great Falls spent Father’s Day giving free haircuts to men.

“We’re just giving back to the community and all the great dads that are out there,” Victor Padilla said.

Victor Padilla and Elias Frank work at the Man Cave. For four hours on Sunday, they cut hair and trimmed beards.

“I just want to send positivity throughout great falls and the state of Montana,” Padilla said.

Many dads and their kids stopped by for the free cut, even some guys from the Great Falls Rescue Mission.

“I’m a firm believer on some people just need a hand up not a hand out,” Padilla said.

The two called the event “Hand up Haircuts for Dads.”

“A lot of people see panhandlers and people that are begging for money. Instead of giving money, you should give them something that they can use the following week to better their life,” Padilla said. “Some of these guys are from the mission, tomorrow they got to go look for a job. At least tomorrow they’ll look good for a week or so until the next time that we do something together and do another gig like this. At least I blessed them on the father’s day and gave them a hands up,”

This is not the first time MTN has introduced you to Padilla. We first caught up with him at the past last summer. Padilla gave free haircuts to homeless people and low-income kids.

“I just like the joy that it gives them. How many times were you given something in life and you were like what do you want for this? Not everyone wants something in return” Padilla said.

Padilla says he loves cutting hair because it brings joy to people. He hopes to host more free events in the future.

“Me being a dad, I know how much kids cost, bills and life. Sometimes you don’t have time to take care of yourself. I know a lot of guys out there that have beards and afros because they don’t have the time or the money to get yourself taken care of. I just felt like on father’s day this year I would bless all those dads and wish them a happy Father’s Day,” Padilla said.