Annual MisCon event holds something for everyone

Posted at 1:45 PM, May 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-26 16:58:54-04

MISSOULA – Politics and the environment were just a few of the topics discussed at an annual science fiction convention held Saturday in Missoula.

Although they may not have been accredited scientists, people gathered Saturday at MisCon to discuss the role technology can play in saving the world.

The panel involved in this discussion consisted of a science fiction writer, a former journalist, and a former employee of Elon Musk.

They talked about the use of drones, precision farming, hybrid vehicle production, and more.

“I remember these warnings coming in 30, 40 years ago that we were on this path that could lead to our own destruction,” said science and technology journalist and panel member Manny Frishberg.

“We’ve dug a hole there are solutions and the real question is are we going to brave, be brave enough to fulfill them,” Frishberg continued. “If technological impact discussion doesn’t spark your interest, there is still plenty to do.”

According to Justin Barba, the organizer of MisCon, one of the critical pieces of this event is making sure everyone feels welcome.

“People assume a science fiction convention is just going to be a bunch of nerds getting together in a room talking about Star Trek,” Barba said. “Those people are here, too.”

“Or they’ll think it’s like, Comic-Con — everybody’s in a costume parading around. Those people are here, too, but there’s everything in between also. One of the good things about MisCon is we’re very diverse,” he added.

MisCon continues through Memorial Day at the Holiday Inn in Downton Missoula. Click here for more information about the annual event.

-Reported by Lauren Heiser/MTN News