Chinook business rewards students with bike giveaway

Posted at 3:42 PM, May 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-26 13:58:24-04

CHINOOK – One Chinook business gave bikes away to 14 lucky students at Chinook’s Meadowlark Elementary School on Friday.

Heather and Scott DePriest of American Garage LLC have held bike giveaways since 2016.

“We give away one bike per class. We also have a wild card bike. The teachers can put a ticket into the drawing for a wild card for a student,” Heather DePriest said.

This year, the bikes will go to students who have good attendance or have not received a behavioral referral.

Courtesy: Heather DePriest


DePriest said they have given away a total of 48 bikes since they started the program.

“We really just wanted something that we could give back to. What better way than to invest in our area youth? We wanted to give our students something to look forward to and work hard towards,” DePriest said.

First Bank of Montana is donating helmets to go with the bikes.

If you would like to help American Garage LLC with the bike program, you can reach them at (406) 357-4201.

-Reported by Margaret DeMarco/MTN News