Trooper Palmer greeted by outpouring of support on return to Montana

Posted at 10:43 AM, May 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-23 12:43:10-04

MISSOULA – It’s not the end of the saga, but the beginning of a new chapter in the recovery story for Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wade Palmer, who was shot several times outside of Missoula in March.

Palmer’s medical condition is significantly better on his return to Montana compared to his emergency flight to a Salt Lake City hospital.

People gathered outside the North Star Aviation Hangar Wednesday to welcome and support Palmer as he continues his recovery journey.

“I want to stress just how incredible the individuals in law enforcement, first responders, fire service, individuals at the hospital there, all the staff, and indeed the entire state of Utah responded to Trooper Palmer’s needs and his family’s needs,” Montana Attorney General Tim Fox said. “Incredible ways that I wish I could describe them all, but it’s almost impossible to fathom. If you had been there the day that I was first there when Wade was admitted to the hospital and saw the condition he was in and you see him now, you would absolutely be amazed at the progress he has made.”

The turnout for Palmer’s procession through Missoula and Stevensville was heartwarming, according to the head of MHP.

“Today, coming back down Broadway when we left back on March 15th to see the people standing out there for a little impromptu motorcade. To see the silent majority standing there alongside Broadway today when we came back in is very very heartwarming to see. I’m just really glad he’s home,” said Colonel Tom Butler, MHP Chief.

Onlookers said Palmer was all smiles for his return trip.

“When we walked into that hospital room today, Wade was smiling ear to ear he knew he was going to be reunited with his girls, that he was going to be home, that he was going to see his trooper colleagues and his friends and see familiar faces and places,” Fox said. “And while he couldn’t communicate with speech, his smile alone and his upbeat attitude swelled my heart, and I’m sure everyone else’s in the room.”

-Reported by Connor McCauley/MTN News