WATCH: Grizzly walks by Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest survey spot

Posted at 10:08 AM, Apr 25, 2019

Spring is here, which means the bears are out.

Agencies in Montana have shared photos or videos of grizzly bears as they emerge from their dens, including officials with the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest.

A grizzly bear was caught on camera in March walking by one of forest’s survey spots in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

A grizzly digs into a beaver den in April 2019. (Courtesy: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks)

In early April, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reported bears were out after flying over the Rocky Mountain Front. At that time, eight grizzlies with radio collars and five other non-collared bears were spotted.

The Montana FWP Prairie Bear Monitor has also reported bear sightings in north-central Montana such as near Lake Frances in Valier and along the Marias River Valley.

Landowners and residents along the Rocky Mountain Front were advised to remove attractants that could cause conflicts with bears such as livestock feed, bird feeders, pet food, garbage, spilled grain and livestock carcasses.

It was recommended that recreationists, like shed antler hunters, carry bear spray.