A Waiting Child: Jacob

Posted at 10:29 AM, Mar 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-11 12:29:06-04

KALISPELL – This month’s A Waiting Child is 14-year-old Jacob from Kalispell.

Jacob said he is a hands-on learner and loves computer science. He hopes to be an engineer when he grows up.

While he’s only in eighth grade, Jacob said he’ll go to any college in the country with a good computer science program.

Outside of school, he loves to mountain bike and bake.

Jacob also has a passion for the Baptist church, and he said his faith is what helps him through difficult times.

“It just helps me, it keeps me in line and keeps me doing what I’m supposed to and realizing that there is somebody out there for me,” Jacob said.

He’s also an animal lover who adores cats.

Jacob said he hopes for a family who will accept and not judge him for his rough past.

You can learn more about Jacob — as well as foster opportunities in the Flathead — by contacting Kalispell Child Protective Services office (406) 300-7418.

You can also contact the Montana Department of Health and Human Services for information about adoption and/or fostering at 1-866-9-FOSTER (1-866-936-7837).

Children who are available for adoption through the Child & Family Services Division of the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services have been removed from their own families because of abuse, neglect, or other family problems that make it unsafe for them to remain at home.

The rights of their parents have been terminated making the children available for adoption.

Who May Adopt? Either married couples or single adults who have an approved pre-placement evaluation or adoptive home study may adopt in the State of Montana.

How do I get a home study? If you live in Montana, you may begin the process by contacting your county office of Child and Family Services. If you live outside of Montana, contact your state or local office that provides these services.

What about training?  Montana Child and Family Services requires and provides special training to all of our foster and adoptive parents.  The training is offered at various times and places around the State of Montana.  If you live in Montana, information is available from your county CFS office.  If you live outside of Montana, contact your state or local office that provides these services.

Click here to learn more about child adoption in Montana.