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Bullock, Bodnar host discussion of workforce, role of education for employees

Posted at 3:09 PM, Dec 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-05 17:09:54-05

Gov. Steve Bullock joined University of Montana President Seth Bodnar on campus Thursday to hold a roundtable discussion on Montana's workforce, and the role of education for employees.

Statistics show that 120,000 people in Montana have some college education, but no degree.

The Become an Alum program, through UM and the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, helps people continue their education.

This fall, UM and the Department of Labor re-enrolled 99 students, and 38 students are committed to attend classes next spring.

During the discussion, a local employer and recently re-enrolled student shared their stories.

Both Gov. Bullock and President Bodnar agree that the government and UM play a role in helping employees complete their education.

"Individuals that might be in a lower skilled job today, if they want to work with our university system, if they want to work with Missoula College, then can get those skills to increase along the way,” Gov. Bullock said.

"That hard, dedicated work to help people see that pathway through education to a good paying job right here in Montana, is tremendously important. That's the way partnerships like this have an impact,” added Bodnar.

Montana's overall unemployment rate was 3.3%t in October.