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Soaking in the season: Billings hot tub owners taking a dip to escape the cold

Hot tub in the cold
Posted at 10:29 AM, Jan 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-15 12:29:58-05

BILLINGS — Negative-degree weather this week forced many to stay indoors. But for those in Billings who own hot tubs, it was the perfect time for a soak.

All week, preparations for the frigid temperatures were underway.

On Friday, the City of Billings Parks and Recreation Department was hard at work, prepping the ice rink at Veteran’s Park.

Spraying the rink
Spraying the rink

But on Saturday, the rink was empty.

Veteran's Park ice rink on Saturday afternoon
Veteran's Park ice rink on Saturday afternoon

Downtown was a ghost town.

Downtown Billings on Saturday afternoon
Downtown Billings on Saturday afternoon

Many were hunkered down in their homes, staying warm and away from the dangerous cold.

But one Billings business was bound to see action.

"When you’re living in Montana in this cold climate, one of the best things you can do is hop in a hot tub,” said Scott Prociv, the owner of Montana Hot Spring Spas, on Saturday.

Montana Hot Spring Spas on Grand Avenue has been in business since the late '70s, selling thousands of hot tubs over the years.

"We have thousands of customers. We’re the oldest and the largest hot tub company in Billings,” Prociv said. “We have a slogan in our store. It’s 'All seasons, all reasons.' So this type of environment, this extreme cold. It’s one of those seasons and it’s a good reason to soak."

Prociv said this time of the year is a great time to enjoy the outdoor spas.

"(There's a) euphoric effect of the 120-degree difference. It can be 102 degrees in the hot tub and 20 below in the outside ambient temperature. But that feeling, that extreme difference in temperature, plus the buoyancy of the water. The relaxation of just being in the environment. The water is a great place to be," said Prociv.

It’s a way to enjoy the winter season while avoiding the negative effects like frostbite.

"When you’re stowed up inside and you can’t get outside to enjoy the weather. Hot water can allow you to just get in the hot tub, soak up to your chin, have that 10, 15-minute soak and feel like a new person,” Prociv said.

Many may be dreaming of warmer weather, but for residents like Prociv, Saturday was a day to soak in the season.

"It has a reward at the end of the day," Prociv said. "You can give your all on the ski slope. You can go out, take a nice hike. It’s extremely cold. Breathe that fresh, clean air in, and then just allow yourself to know when you get home, you can just flip the lid and hop in that hot water."

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