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New movie starring Josh Lucas of 'Yellowstone' filming in Billings and Laurel

United Methodist Church in Laurel
Posted at 9:57 AM, Nov 18, 2022

LAUREL — A new movie, titled "Blood for Dust", from Highland Film Group is currently being filmed in parts of Laurel and Billings.

Some of the film's lead actors are rumored to include Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on "Game of Thrones," Josh Lucas from the TV show "Yellowstone" and movie "Sweet Home Alabama," and more.

Film crews were spotted in Billings on Tuesday near Colton Boulevard and in Laurel at the United Methodist Church on Wednesday.

It is rumored that Josh Lucas was in Laurel on Wednesday, according to United Methodist Church staff.

Filming in front of United Methodist Church in Laurel
Filming in front of United Methodist Church in Laurel

Local Laurel and Billings residents were invited to participate in the film through an open casting call for extras.

Paige Farmer, who has lived in Laurel for around 10 years, said on Thursday that she and her 4-year-old daughter participated on Wednesday.

“Having a 4-year-old sit still and quiet for periods of time is very difficult in itself," Farmer explains. "But overall, they gave us a lot of breaks, a chance for us to get our wiggles out and speak when needed, and then when they said action she knew what to do and followed along with everybody else."

Extras are paid $150 per day for their participation. Farmer explains they were asked to dress as if they were in 1992.

“We spent some time looking around trying to dig through old wardrobe since it’s based on the ’90s, you know you’re trying to stick with the era and make sure everything’s accurate,” Farmer says.

Church staff was also invited to participate in the film. The janitor at United Methodist Church, Terry Keller, said he has lived in Laurel for almost 40 years and has seen another movie filmed in Laurel during his time there.

“They recorded some stuff at our refinery. That was supposed to be in Casper, Wyoming, but that’s got a refinery too,” Keller explains.

But this was Keller's first time appearing in a movie.

“I mean it was kind of fun, plus I got paid,” Keller says. "It was nerve-wracking until it got started."

Keller explains that extras were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so he can't say too much about his involvement in the film.

Like Keller, Farmer also wishes she could share more but is excited to see the film when it eventually premiers.

While many details are still unreleased, MTN News was told Thursday that filming will continue in Billings and Laurel for at least another week.

And while filming continues, Farmer has a message for our visitors from California.

“I hope they get the chance to explore Laurel. I know that they are so busy working away. If they get a chance to, go to The Perk and get a coffee or go to the yogurt shop and get some ice cream, even pizza," Farmer says. "I hope they get the chance to see what Laurel is really about."