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MTN’s Donna Kelley plays newscaster on recent episode of ‘Yellowstone’

Posted at 6:18 PM, Dec 22, 2021

If you didn’t stick around for the credits on Sunday night’s episode of “Yellowstone”—yes, it’s true: MTN’s Donna Kelley played the part of a newscaster on the popular western-themed series.

Donna says she was contacted by a casting director, and after getting corporate approval and auditioning she got the part.

“It was shot in Missoula in October of last year, but I did not get out on the gorgeous ranch set,” Donna said.

She says cast and crew had to take several COVID tests, quarantine, and follow protocols to get into “the bubble” to keep everyone safe on the production.

“It was a thrill, and I did get to see a couple of the actors, including Cole Hauser—who plays ‘Rip’—who was walking toward the set areas as I was walking back after doing my part,” Donna said. “I told him, ‘Love you,' and he took his toothpick out of his mouth, said ‘Thank you,’ and kept walking.”

Donna says the crew and director were all fabulous.

There are only two more episodes of this season of “Yellowstone.”