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MSU students react to ESPN's College GameDay coming to Bozeman

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Posted at 6:10 PM, Nov 14, 2022

Brawl of the Wild prep is officially underway on campus as MSU students get ready ahead of ESPN's College GameDay visit to Bozeman.

“My buddy comes in and says 'College GameDay is coming' and I just woke up and College GameDay is coming? They’re coming!? And I was just so excited,” says MSU Junior Angelo Donisi.

A dream for college football fans, every week during football season campuses around the country fight to be in the national spotlight for ESPN’s College Dame Day.

“I watch College GameDay from growing up because I watch college football with my family quite often,” says MSU Sophomore Elizabeth Hickey.

That spotlight for the first time ever will be on Bozeman for Montana’s biggest sports week.

“Having the honor of them coming to Bozeman especially for Cat-Griz is super cool,” says Hickey.

“The fact that they are here is awesome,” says Donisi.

Coming off a trip to the national championship last season, students at MSU have been riding high, and now they are excited to showcase the success of the university to a national audience.

“I never thought it would happen,” says Hickey.

While many students on campus are excited for the experience, some will stay home.

“I feel like it’s going to make the whole place a mess for the whole week,” says MSU graduate student Joe Hancock.

For those die-hard fans, they’ll be ready bright and early to showcase their Bobcat pride.

“I think I’m probably getting up at 5 to try and get there for GameDay,” says Donisi.

That’s because GameDay will start at 7 in the morning, local time.

“I am going to try really hard to get behind them during their broadcast, so it'll be super cool to get my poster up,” says Hickey.

As fans fill Bobcat Stadium under the shadow of the Bridgers, no Brawl of the Wild is complete without—

“Something to slam the grizzlies,” says Hickey.